Stonehouse Café

36 Main Street, Versailles, CT: DBR 5

Stonehouse CaféA fascinating place which must be experienced. It is housed in a 19th century vernacular stone building that was probably part of the Versailles Woollen Company mill. The name of the mill village, which is located in Sprague, CT., is pronounced Ver - Sayles. It apparently derives from the fact that the Sayles family purchased the Ver woollen mill. However, it could also be derived from the fact that in 1861, the town founder, Governor Sprague of Rhode Island, decided to name it for the areas in Europe he traded with, as in Baltic and Hanover, the other old mill villages in Sprague. But enough history! The Stonehouse has a unique atmosphere, but is let down by its miserable choice of draft beers; Busch, Icehouse and Bud Lite.