Wilson's Saloon

76-78 Franklin Street, Norwich, CT CBR 42

This saloon is Connecticut's oldest, founded in 1886. It has a good atmosphere, and is located next to the Norwich Bulletin newspaper offices, so I guess its often full of thirsty hacks coming in after reporting on Board of Education and Finance meetings. You'd need a drink then, wouldn't you? It suffers like most downtown pubs inasmuch as the US is developing onto a mall culture, and all good Americans are tucked up in bed at 9 pm, so it can get quiet in midweek. That's when we Brits crawl out to the pub. But it rocks on weekends! Give those awful TGIF places a miss and go to Wilson's.

Draught beers are Magic Hat #9, Sam Adams Seasonal, Killians, Boddingtons, Blue Moon Belgian White, Red Hook Porter, Long Trail, Coors Lite, Harp, Bass Ale, and Guinness. And there's Woodchuck Draft Cider! Well worth a visit. Oh, and a bit of film history. Arthur Miller's play Everybody Wins was made into a movie in 1989 starring Nick Nolte and Debra Winger. It was filmed on location in Norwich and guess where Nolte went for a pint during shooting. 

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