Indian Leap Café

35 Sherman Street, Norwich, CT DBR 13

Indian Leap Café and nearby 'Indian Leap'This is a pub/bar full of character, and its got good beer and history too! It's named after a nearby gorge. During a mid-seventeenth century Indian conflict known as The Battle of the Great Plains, Mohegan Sachem Uncas leaped across Yantic Falls in pursuit of Narragansett Sachem Miantonomo. The battleground is commemorated with a historic marker on the nearby Great Plains. The pub as been here since at least 1942 in different forms. It was originally Muke's Tavern, and in 1947 the S & L Grill. It became Mae's Grill in 1948, and the Indian Leap Café since 1980. Other than the history and good beer it was great for we limey's because we saw a Triumph motorbike outside. We're so old we remember when Triumph's were still made in Meriden, England. The pub has four draught beers, Budweiser, Miller, Sam Adams and Guinness. 

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